At times we run into animals with special needs who we deem un-adoptable due to their ongoing care.
So long as they are not suffering in any way, the animal/s become permanent residents here at the rescue.
See our current sanctuary animals below.
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Sanctuary Animals


Rafiki was born 4/14/11. He is the son of Little Momma. Rafiki had a rough first few weeks of life and was mostly hand raised. He was neutered so he could continue to live as Little Momma's cagemate.(But mostly because he's too bad for any other chinchilla to handle.)


Rafiki passed away suddenly in 2016 due to an unknown cause.

Little Momma

Little Momma joined us 1/7/11 as one of our original rescue pets. She is possibly around 9-10 years old aso of 2015. Unknowingly, Little Momma was pregnant when she came to us. She gave birth to Rafiki and his sister Lilo, who sadly did not thrive and passed away a couple weeks after birth. Little Momma has GI problems that require special diet and supplements.


Little Momma passed away in 2016 due to age and an underlying medical issues.

Ireland was a surrendered  9/21/14. She is believed to be around 15-16 years old (as of 2015), though it is possible she could be in the 16-20 year range. Due to her age and strong bond to Baby, Ireland will remain with us.


Ireland passed away in 2016 due to age.


Baby came to us 11/20/12. She was 2-3 years old at the time.

Her story is not for the faint of heart! Baby originally came from a backyard breeder who did not help her to open her eyes as a kit. She slowly developed an infection that sat for over a year untreated. We brought her to the vet when she arrived, where it was confirmed she would need to have the remains of her eyes removed. While this requires frequent maintenance, Baby has lived happily ever since with her buddy Ireland. (& new buddy Sweetpea!) Baby is the sweetest girl who loves everyone she meets.

Sweet Pea (aka ''Sweetie'') is a precious pink white female who joined us 9/27/15 along side her daughter Sophie. Sweetie was believed to be 6-7 years old at the time of intake. She has a behavioral problem of fur-chewing her hips to border-line self mutilation. We have not yet determind the trigger,, as she appears healthy and free of stress in every possible way. Sweet Pea is living happily alongside Ireland and Baby.

Sanctuary pets of the past

Doc was born in Dec. of 2014. He is a male dwarf chinchilla. He joined the rescue 11/9/15. He has had a long journey - he is originally from California (though he spent many months in Idaho.) Doc has a few different medical needs that must be maintained. He requires frequent urine tests, a special soy-free food, and daily medical attention.


Doc passed away 12/3/15 due to organ failure.

Ellie & Penny are two senior gerbils from our local animal shelter. We pulled the pair when Penny had a stroke while in the shelter, and due to the stress of the enviornment and her age, we feared she would have another. Penny & Ellie have been with us since we formed in March '14. They are guesstimated to be around 3 years old. Penny has a permanent tilt to the right side of her head and body. They will continue to live the rest of their lives here, as the risk of Penny suffering another debilitating stroke is high.


Both Ellie and Penny passed away in 2015 due to age related illness. We will really miss these two.